He Has It All Under Control!

IMG_1440Yesterday, my husband and I, spotted a cat lying in a parking lot behind a restaurant. It was covered in brown and tan fur, patterned like camouflage. The poor thing was lying in a pool of it’s own blood. The type that is so fresh and bright that it was almost glowing.
It shook me.
It shook my husband.
I felt helpless.
Its life was draining out on the asphalt and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it.
So, I prayed.
Then it dawned on me that many people are lying in a pool of their own blood- somewhere in this world.
They are alone. *No one* is there.
We sympathize with animals because they are seen as cute and innocent.
But people are messy, crazy.
We have become desensitized to the traumatic scenes we see on the news or in our communities. I guess in some ways we have to be. Who could survive those images day in and day out?
They are a testament to the cruelty of life.
However, think about this. We are no better than that animal lying helpless in his blood.
**IF, we are without God.**
He alone has seen fit to trade the life of His own Son for ours. It is the blood of Jesus- shed alone, naked, violently -that gives us eternal life.
God is not desensitized to our pain.
He has worked out a beautiful plan for our lives. One that assures that we can get up and walk away from this mess we have made.
Imagine if we could see the angels standing over the sick and dying. Imagine if we could witness the souls of men and women, drifting away to heaven- after they have breathed their last.
We would have so much more peace.
Faith in God = peace.
That’s what I felt after I prayed for that cat.
I knew that God was there just like he is for all of us. Nothing escapes His notice.
We can breath deep and relax. He has it all under control!

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2 thoughts on “He Has It All Under Control!”

  1. Hi Shaneeka,
    I was just thinking of this the other day. Thinking about how people have become so desensitized to things going on in this world. It’s like they have tuned a deaf ear and blind eye. You are on point!! Bless You.

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful words of inspiration and wisdom ! It would be so wonderful and captivating to see our souls release into heaven. Just the thought of it sparks my imagination!

    Continue to write from your heart and share awesome words of encouragement for others. I know they appreciate it just as much as I do. You are truly a blessing!! Continue to exercise your God given talent! <3

    #YouRock !

    1. Thank you, Bernadette! I know God has something so special planned for you. You are such a loving and encouraging person. He’s smiling down from heaven right now upon you! I can’t wait for us to be together in heaven talking about the greatness of our God. Just as we are now doing! May that never change. You have given me encouragement for another day! Please know that.

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