“The LORD gives righteousness and justice to all who are treated unfairly.” -Psalm 103:6

When I am overwhelmed by unfair treatment, I ask for justice. It is a relatively new thing for me. Not too long ago, I thought that asking for justice was the same as asking for vengeance. So, I avoided it. I chose instead to be a martyr. Honestly, that wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to do what was right.

But, am I more righteous than God?

Of course not!

The Bible says that He desires justice for all His people. Do we really believe this? Do we show our faith by going to Him in prayer, expecting to receive justice? Are we comfortable, not only in asking for it, but also in waiting patiently to see it unfold in our lives?

We all know how important it is in a worldly context. We have a system set up in this country that is supposed to ensure that people get a fair trial. But, often the courts fail us. Truth be told, there are some losses that cannot be weighed in an earthly court of law. Then what?

That is when we have to know beyond a shadow of doubt that God is still on His throne.

He will hear our case. He will work it out for our good. Jesus taught us how to ask Him over and over again for justice. He taught us how to be persistent in the pursuit of it. (Read Luke 18:1-8)

So, I asked God to set me right in areas of my life that have been under heavy, enemy fire. The devil have used people to come against me all throughout my life. He even uses the people that I love. That’s nothing new. In this world, all God’s children are constantly under attack.

The loss of peace, dignity, health, family, jobs, respect, etc. can be overwhelming. Sometimes we wonder how we will ever be able to move into our destiny with the burdens of the past weighing us down. We long desperately to shake them off and be free.

That’s when we ask God to set us right.

Justice means the fixing and restoring of broken relationships. It means putting things the way they are supposed to be. Justice is deliverance, victory, vindication and prosperity.

Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t justice so much better than vengeance? (Read Romans 12:19) So go ahead and ask! What do you have to  lose?  Give it a try.

Simply, trust God!



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