2017 A Year Of Caution And Adventure


I have been reading slowly through the Bible book of Jeremiah. With this being New Year’s Eve, my mind is in a peculiar place. It is rock solid between caution and adventure. How can you have a grand adventure in the clutches of caution and still have a Happy New Year??? Well, that’s where Jeremiah comes in. Chapter 25 shows how God has pronounced destruction upon, not just one nation, but many. All those nations had to look forward to in their future was doom, gloom, and destruction. However, sprinkled fully throughout the book is the revelation of what went wrong. It was simple, really. Jeremiah 25: 2, 3 says,

“Jeremiah the prophet said to all the people in Judah and Jerusalem, “For the past twenty-three years- from the thirteenth year of the reign of Josiah son of Amon, king of Judah, until now – the LORD has been giving me His messages. I have faithfully passed them on to you, but you have not listened.”

Their destruction was in their failure to listen to God. He called for them, time and time again, to return to His ways and to abandon their deceptions in favor of His eternal truths. But each time, they refused. This caused me to think. Could the secret of a great new year be in the sensitivity of my ears and heart to the voice of God? That if failure to hear could result in such cataclysmic disaster, then would great victory be the outcome of submitting to the One who holds my life in the palm of His hands?

I feel that the Lord is showing me that I will reap according to my heeding to His Word this year. What is true for me is also true for all of God’s children. What better time is it than now to make a commitment to study the Bible and to pray with passion and boldness. This requires silence as we sit, as it were, at God’s feet and soak in His counsel and instruction. God says, at Jeremiah 23: 21, 22, that if the false prophets had stood before Him and listened to him, then they would have spoken His words. I can’t help but take a step further and say that perhaps Israel would have been spared. Perhaps, if we dare to listen, we will be spared. So yes, 2017 is a grand adventure in and of itself. Who knows what may happen? So let’s go forward in the spirit of expectancy of good things. But with caution!!! Let us make sure we heed God’s direction and counsel- in all things. Let us not forge straight ahead without a compass. But let us carefully make sure we are on the path of favor and blessings in this New Year.

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