Mark 6:37-42 lets us in on a 2,000 year old conversation between Jesus and his disciples that still have meaning for us today. It went something like this…

But Jesus said, “You feed them.” “With what?” they asked.

“We’d have to work for months to earn enough money to buy food for all these people!”

“How much bread do you have?” he asked. “Go and find out.”

They came back and reported, “We have five loaves of bread and two fish.”

In the end, Jesus took the five loaves and two fish, looked toward heaven and blessed them. He kept giving bread to the disciples so they could distribute to the people. He also divided the fish for everyone to share. They all ate as much as they wanted. A total of 5,000 men and their families were fed from those loaves- with leftovers!

Remember to bring what God has given you to any situation.  Even if it appears to be just a measly drop in a supersized bucket, offer it to the Lord anyway. Let God bless it and He will multiply it for His glory and for the advancement of the kingdom. This humble act of giving on our part glorifies God and it is our contribution to our fellow man. A “few loaves and a few fish” are like storehouses of supplies for God. It is more than enough for a miracle.

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It’s probably no surprise that I am thinking of miracles during this Christmas season. Who doesn’t think of dazzling Christmas miracles this time of the year? Christmas miracles are featured in holiday movies ad nauseum. All this have started me to thinking about what exactly can be called a miracle.

Most people would think that a miracle would have to be the complete opposite of their current situation.  So we search, day after day, for something, different to happen like in the movies. Or maybe we want our lives to mimic the success of others like a fill in the blank test with the answers on the back. We like it easy, don’t we?

But, I wonder how often we consider that our now is our own personal miracle. Maybe, we are where we are for a really good reason that only God knows.

Maybe, it is to glorify Himself through us right where we are. Perhaps, our everyday lives are real-live, bonafide miracles in and of themselves. Most of our days are not glitzy or glamorous. Sometimes, they are simply not pretty. I am talking about some curlers, housecoat, house slippers, and shaving cream on the upper lip rough. But as children of God, our days are blessed for what they are meant to accomplish.

But what if a present circumstance has not succumb to our persistent prayers for change? What if a door or doors refuse to open? Now what?

We thank God for giving us His ear because although we did not see what we wanted to see, we acknowledge that he hears us when we pray.

Then what?

We thank him for the blessings we have. There are some. If we stop comparing ourselves to the lifestyle of the rich and famous, we could see them.

Then we ask Him to help us bloom where He has planted us. There, I said it.

May we thrive!

Whether we want to believe it or not, we are meant for different things in this life.


We are not all going to be raving successes by this world standards. But, we can be successful by God’s standards. We have to know that no opportunity will be  lost to us if we submit to His plan for our lives. God is all powerful. If He wants to rain miracles out of the sky for us, then it will rain. Nothing can hinder that. If He choses sacrifice for our lives, then we will have to sacrifice no matter what we try to do to the contrary.

All I am saying is that we can relax and stop trying to mop up gun wounds with a tiny Band-Aid. ( Yes, life can be that gory.) In other words, we can stop trying to do the impossible with a life that is meant for something all together different.

No matter what evils or difficulties rear their ugly heads, God has given His light in every circumstance. We must be conscience of something greater than ourselves at work in our lives. So don’t sweat it. Enjoy each day as a miracle.

Jesus urged us to give our burdens to him and to allow him to carry them. Being at rest allows us to save ourselves from crippling stress. Most of us are trying to control things that only God can control. Give yourself a break.

When darkness seems to completely cover us, God reaches down and grabs us, lifting us up to the next level of our journey with Him. Everything he allows us to experience will be worth it. And as we experience every moment with Him, we are never alone. Know that His grace is sufficient for all things.

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(This is part five of a devotional based on Psalm chapter 29. I was going through a tough time and this chapter gave me hope. I pray it does the same for you!)

The voice of the LORD twists might oaks and strips the forests bare. In his Temple everyone shouts, “Glory!” Psalm 29:9

Just as God can build things up (plant), he can also tear them down (pluck). He can close doors that need to be closed. Face it, sometimes if he doesn’t do it, we won’t. I began to praise him because nothing can stand in his way. Everything will have to move, when he moves. One powerful Word and we shout, “Glory!”

The LORD rules over the floodwaters. The LORD reigns as king forever. Psalm 29:10

The scriptures says that the enemy comes like a mighty flood. And yet, God rules over that too. When God says, “No more. That is as far as you go. Recede!” Then the floodwaters of the enemy will have to obey. The LORD reigns as king over everything, especially anything involving the lives of his children. Reign, LORD, reign!

The LORD gives his people strength. The LORD blesses them with peace. Psalm 29:11

Finally, the purpose of these verses. To give us strength and peace. I felt it. Did you? I circled this chapter number. I feel that it will be a go to chapter for me for many years to come. It reached out and grabbed me at a time when I needed some clarity. I needed some focus on who God was and what that meant for me. I know that this is not doctrinal. I wasn’t sharing to ascribe meaning in ways that there were none. But, I believe that God spoke to me through this. I believe that he shared his attributes to strengthen me and give me peace. I hope someone out there, will receive a fresh supply of hope through his Word, today. Just as I did.

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