Mark 10:46-52

Bartimaeus wanted to see!!!

The Spirit of the Living God shifted something deep inside Bartimaeus, causing him to realize that a connection with Jesus would bring him what he so desperately desired.

I must confess that I have good physical vision. But spiritually, I haven’t always been able to see clearly.

I know what it is like to be tangled in the thorns of this world.  I have felt the cold, dark fingers of spiritual disconnection try to cover my spiritual eyes and shut out the light of God. When the oppressive weight of this world began to enshroud me in darkness, I also call out to Jesus. Then I pursue him relentlessly through prayer, reading the Word and soul searing worship. Because I know that once I have Jesus’ attention, I must continue to give him mine.

Oh, how sweet it is when a sliver of light, at first, pierce my dark soul. Then more and more, I began to see.

Oh what a wonderful experience!

Thankfully, it is Jesus’ heartfelt desire to enlighten us.

All we have to do is say, “I want to see.”

Then once he answers us, we can joyfully follow Jesus on the path of righteousness, skipping joyfully, all the way home to eternity.


“What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked. “My rabbi, “the blind man said, “I want to see!”


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