(This is part four of a devotional based on Psalm chapter 29. I was going through a rough time and this chapter gave me hope. I pray it does the same for you! )

He makes Lebanon’s mountain skip like a calf; he makes Mount Hermon leap like a young wild ox. Psalm 29:6

The Lebanon mountains have the highest peak of neighboring mountain ranges. Snow frost their tops! At its peak, it is higher than Mount Olympus. Yet, God can make the mountains move! God can move our mountains too. Jesus promised. Whatever that obstacle is, it is no match for him.


While reading this, I began to imagine my Father moving, stirring what seemed immovable in my situation. My faith began to grow. The sun was breaking through the shroud of night.

The voice of the LORD strikes with bolts of lighting. Psalm 29:7

I was getting the pattern here. Now, the scriptures were going to show me what this means in the next verse. A declaration and then an explanation. I held my breath. This ought to be good.

The voice of the LORD makes the barren wilderness quake; the LORD shakes the wilderness of Kadesh. Psalm 29:8

There it was. God can speak and give life to barren, dead things. What didn’t move before, he could cause to quake and shake. I have infertile areas that I have given up on. But, God is the very source of life. He can revive them even when all else fails. Even his use of the “phrase bolts of lighting” speaks of life. Lightening puts nitrates in the soil. It fertilizes plants so they can grow and give us nutrients. Everything would be barren without it. In the same way, our lives are barren without hearing the voice of the Lord. Speak LORD, speak!

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  1. Hi Shaneeka,

    I read your 4 part series. It was a blessing to me. Psalm 25:4-5 Show me your ways o Lord, guide me in your truth and teach me. The Lord teaches me in various ways everyday. I listen to preaching on my Roku Channel that is helping me to understand God’s Word. The channel is called Christian Perspective. It features preaching and Bible study from Mount Calvary Baptist Church.
    It is on the web also. http://WWW.Mount Calvary I don,t attend this church but I do listen to some of their Bible teaching and I am always blessed when I do. My ministry is telling people about the lie of evolution.
    I am glad I spoke to you in home depot so I would know about your blog . God teaches me in various ways as I trust in Psalm 25:4-5
    May God bless you according to his will.
    Bill Rains

    1. It was a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for giving me a little of your time. You made my day. I am so glad you enjoyed those posts. I will take some time and check out your sites. I’ve already visited I am going to take my time and read through it. So excited about the way you share God’s message with the world. Keep growing and learning. I am endeavoring to do the same thing. If I ever think for a moment I have arrived, God shows me that I have so far to go. Our life with God is a journey on a cramped and narrow road. That’s for sure. But, it is worth every step. God bless you always.

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