(This is part four of a devotional based on Psalm chapter 29. I was going through a rough time and this chapter gave me hope. I pray it does the same for you! )

He makes Lebanon’s mountain skip like a calf; he makes Mount Hermon leap like a young wild ox. Psalm 29:6

The Lebanon mountains have the highest peak of neighboring mountain ranges. Snow frost their tops! At its peak, it is higher than Mount Olympus. Yet, God can make the mountains move! God can move our mountains too. Jesus promised. Whatever that obstacle is, it is no match for him.


While reading this, I began to imagine my Father moving, stirring what seemed immovable in my situation. My faith began to grow. The sun was breaking through the shroud of night.

The voice of the LORD strikes with bolts of lighting. Psalm 29:7

I was getting the pattern here. Now, the scriptures were going to show me what this means in the next verse. A declaration and then an explanation. I held my breath. This ought to be good.

The voice of the LORD makes the barren wilderness quake; the LORD shakes the wilderness of Kadesh. Psalm 29:8

There it was. God can speak and give life to barren, dead things. What didn’t move before, he could cause to quake and shake. I have infertile areas that I have given up on. But, God is the very source of life. He can revive them even when all else fails. Even his use of the “phrase bolts of lighting” speaks of life. Lightening puts nitrates in the soil. It fertilizes plants so they can grow and give us nutrients. Everything would be barren without it. In the same way, our lives are barren without hearing the voice of the Lord. Speak LORD, speak!


(This is part three of a devotional based on Psalm chapter 29. I was going through a rough time and this chapter gave me hope. I pray it does the same for you! )

The voice of the LORD is powerful; the voice of the LORD is majestic.  (Psalm 29:4)

The voice of the LORD splits the mighty cedars; the LORD shatters the cedars of Lebanon.  (Psalm 29:5)

Cedar trees of Lebanon grew in mountainous terrain so they were deeply, deeply rooted. They had to be. They could grow to the height of 120 feet, sporting a girth up to forty feet. One word described them the best. Strong.

But God could split and shatter them, with his voice.

I thought of the high, exalted things in my life that are not of God. I thought of the strongholds. If God can do this to the mighty cedar tree, he can do this to the things that have taken root in my heart that are not serving God’s purposes for my life. One whisper of his Word or the thunderous sound of his voice can destroy the work of the enemy and set me free. Completely free.

This was it! I was beginning to feel real hope for the first time in a long while.

Father, let even your whisper roar and shatter the shackles of the enemy. Set me free, Lord! Set me free!


The voice of the LORD echoes above the sea. The God of glory thunders. The LORD thunders over the mighty sea. Psalm 29:3

I had just begun a media fast within the last two days. The back and forth political/media dog fight was stressing me out. Slowly, fear was drawing close and Jesus seemed further away. I needed to find peace again. So, I quit cold turkey.

Peace came roaring back.

God’s voice can echo and thunder above the noisy sea of fallen man. When we are sensitive to his voice, He brings order out of chaos. Peace out of storms.

This verse gave me the encouragement to continue my fast. For me, silence is a surefire way to hear from God.

“Lord, may the wings of silence lift me, carrying me swiftly before your throne. There may I hear your sweet, sweet voice so crystal clear.”